Afrika Sağlık Çalışmaları Uygulama ve Araştırma Merkezi

Uganda İslam Üniversitesi Öğrencileri'nin 2018'deki ziyaretleri hakkındaki düşünceleri


     İstanbul Medeniyet Üniversitesi ile Uganda İslam Üniversitesi arasındaki protokol kapsamında 2018 yılında observer olarak İMÜ Göztepe Eğitim ve Araştırma Hastanesi'ne gelen 15 Uganda İslam Üniversitesi Habib Tıp Fakültesi öğrencisinden 4'ünün 2 aylık eğitimleri ve ziyaretleri hakkındaki düşüncelerini haberimizde bulabilirsiniz.

Dr. Ssebagala Umar

     The story about my journey to Istanbul Medeniyet University for my 4th year recess term as a medical student from Islamic University In Uganda (IUIU).

How it all started:

     My choice to choose Turkey (Istanbul Medeniyet University) was inspired by my interaction with professors who had earlier visited our university, the Islamic university in Uganda during our preclinical years to give us some lectures. I found out that these professors had deep knowledge about the subject matter in each of the discipline they conducted their lectures. I resolved then that given an opportunity I would attend my 4th year recess at any of the universities in Turkey in order for me to continue to learn from these great professors.

     Indeed, when that time I came, under the assistance of Professor Orhan Alimoğlu, Professor Handan and Professor Seyit Ankarali who had been part of the team of professors who had visited our university and the administration of Istanbul Medeniyet University arranged for us an invitation to the Istanbul Medeniyet University for the recess term of 4th year and I was lucky to be among the  few students that were able to be part of the team the made it to this journey.

Visa acquisition:

     Because we already had invitation, naturally acquiring visa to Turkey had to be an easy process but my colleagues and I had to fill visa application forms electronically and submit them with all the requirements and wait for the appointment interview date which was set for us. On that day of the appointment for visa interview, the officer in charge of issuing visas discovered that many of us had not filled the form correctly because this was the first experience for many of our colleagues to submit paperwork regarding visa acquisition. The officer in charge of visa was annoyed during the first part of the interview. He wondered why as learned students we could not get this right yet many of non-learned people always get it right. He called this a paradox and wanted to know why it happens like that. I could visibly see a sense of anxiety among my colleagues but later, he started making fun of us and by the end of the interview I had found this man whose name I don’t remember to be a very nice man. He showed us his other cautious side of him before the end of the interview. He told us a lot of history about Turkey ranging from the ancient times up to modern Turkey. During our conversation he kept switching from one interesting subject to another and you could clearly see that this was a learned man who really deserved to be in that office. I was convinced that Turkey was a country worth visiting. At the end of the interview he told us to get back to the embassy after 2 days to collect our visas. There was a sense of happiness and joy within us as we knew that the first part of preparation for our journey was done and indeed after 2 days we got our visas.

My departure and of arrival in Istanbul:

     Because love for Turkey had become part of me, decided that I was to travel by Turkish airlines, and indeed I booked my ticked with Turkish airlines. On the day of departure, I set out from Entebbe airport to Atatürk international airport. Originally we were supposed to travel as a group but due to preparation challenges, I had to travel alone. The services of the airline were very nice as I did not experience any challenge during the flight period. After 6 hours of being flight, I started to see and admiring a very nice birds view of Istanbul city. It was such a nice view and soon we touched Atatürk airport runway to disembark from the plane. At the Atatürk, I was received by a student from Istanbul Medeniyet University by names of Bilal who had patiently waited for me. I found him to be a nice welcoming kind man. He later led me through a long journey from the airport to the hostels where together with my friends were to reside for two months. From the airport we used subways and buses from one stop point to the other. It was my first time to use a subway and I found it a nice experience because of comfort and speed of the trains that we used particularly the Marmaray -under sea train-.  After an estimated time of one and half hours, we arrived at the hostels.


     After my registration at the office of the hostel manager, Bilal took me inside the hostel. The accommodation was more than that of a three-star hotel and together with my colleagues we were to access all the services here free of charge cutesy of our hosting University administrators and professors at Istanbul Medeniyet University. This was a very generous gesture I had never seen. May Allah accept this gesture and reward everyone who made this possible. This gesture was the first sign of many good things that awaited us for the next two months of our stay in Turkey.

The reception meeting at the university and Goztepe Hastanesi teaching hospital:

     In total fourteen students from Islamic university in Uganda had made it Istanbul Medeniyet University for recess term and when all of us had arrived, a reception meeting was held at the office of hospital director at Goztepe Hastanasi to give us an official welcome.  The hospital director, Professor Gurhan Baş together with his medical staff gave us a warm welcome. We were given a tour of the hospital and introduced to the heads of the departments at the hospital, interestingly everyone including the support staff members were excited about our presence and pledged to help us achieve all our goals and objectives while in Turkey. I was pleased with the hospitality that was showed to us, it was an extension of the hospitality of people of Turkey that I had earlier witnessed from Bilal who picked me up from the airport.

Lectures and clinical teachings:

     Prior to our arrival, under the guidance of Professor Orhan Alimoğlu, the head of surgery department, a well laid out programme on how we were to spend our time in turkey had been designed. We were to have biweekly rotation in the departments of general surgery, cardiothoracic surgery, pediatric surgery, emergency medicine and radiology departments. The programme also had an outline on how we were to spend our weekends and this weekend programme indicated which tourism sites of historical importance in Turkey that we were supposed to visit. Below are the highlights about my experience during this programme.

Surgery rotation:

     This department was headed by Professor Orhan Alimoglu and because of his unending desire and love to help international students learn skills of surgery, Professor Orhan had lobbied that we spent three weeks at his department and indeed we spent three weeks at surgery department. During this time professor Orhan and his team of surgeons made sure that we had morning lectures from Monday to Friday and there after we would go for wards rounds to review patients and have clinical teaching sessions as well. Again professor Orhan led the entire team of surgery department during these ward patients’ review teachings. These were always interactive ward rounds. Professor Orhan gave us knowledge and skills during these sessions but sometimes he would press the SHO’s so hard in order to understand how much they knew and how much he needs to fill the gaps of their knowledge about surgery. We also had the opportunity to be in theatre and in here I was able to observe some of the modern approaches to surgery. The most interesting part for me during the surgery department was that the hospital director who himself is a surgeon would always attend these ward rounds and would be under the head of surgery department. He would humble himself in such a way that you could not recognize he is the hospital director. At the end of the surgery rotation we had achieved much more than our set objectives and I felt that was ready to join fifth year with my head raised. My gratitude goes to Proffesor Orhan, the hospital director Professor Gurhan and the entire team of surgery department at Goztepe Hastanasi.

Cardiothoracic department:

     This department was headed by Professor Ebuzer Aydın who is a cardiothoracic surgeon. Our shifting to this department was a long awaited one as Professor Ebuzer and his team were eagerly waiting for us and when that time to go to his department came, together with his team they welcomed us with open hands. They took us through the morning lectures and CME’s and thereafter to the ward for clinical teachings. Professor Ebuzer led us through ward teachings. He also made sure that he arranged for us to go theatre and observe open heart surgery. It was here that I first observed an open heart surgery and this answered many of my questions and curiosity that I had about open heart surgery. Dr. Şeyma, a cardiothoracic surgeon was part of Professor Ebuzer’s team and is one of the most kind and generous persons I have ever met. She gave us most of the lectures which helped me understand cardiology. By the end of the rotation, I had achieved all my set objectives and felt that I was a better student of medicine than I was before this rotation. My heartfelt thanks go to Professor Ebuzer, Dr. Şeyma and the entire team for all the knowledge they imparted to me.  

Pediatric surgery department:   

     My rotation in this ward was an extension of excitement that I had got about continuous acquisition of new knowledge and skills about surgery and medicine. The department was headed by a distinguished Professor of pediatric surgery, Professor Cigdem Ulukaya. Together with her team they welcomed us so well and as per the programme they took us through daily morning lectures then ward round teachings, case presentations andoperation theatre. Professor Cigdem is a person who always wanted to impart knowledge to us both in theory and practice. Her team of pediatric surgeons and nurses were equally resourceful as they strived to teach us on every ward and operation theatre encounter. It was at this department that I first observed laparoscopic abdominal surgery and this was an enriching experience. By the end of the rotation, I had learnt more about pediatric surgery. At the end of the rotation like in the previous rotations, we sat for an exam to assess us on how much knowledge and skills we had acquired which I excellently passed. Many thanks to Professor Cigdem Ulukaya and her entire team of pediatric surgeons and nurses for all that you taught me while rotating in your department.

Emergency medicine rotation:

     Time was not our best ally and was running out, so adjustment to our schedule had to be made so we had one week of rotation at this department. The department was headed by Dr. Kurtulus Aciksari and as per programme, we had morning lectures and there after demonstration skills on emergency care of critical patients and advanced life care support. Some visiting doctors were arranged for us so as to enrich our knowledge in this area and by the end of my rotation, with the acquired knowledge and skills I felt confident that when I go back home I would be able to apply these skills to save patients’ lives and indeed as I am currently doing my internship, these skills have been invaluable. May thanks to the Dr. Kurtulus the head of this department and his entire team.

Radiology department rotation:

     Because of the invaluable relevancy of this department in aiding diagnosis and radiology interventional treatment it was designed that we rotate here as well and indeed, my rotation here was never a disappointment. This department was headed by Professor Adnan who made sure that within one week of our stay at his department, we acquired as much skills and knowledge as possible. We were taken through an overview of interventional radiology among other things. We observed lots of imaging modalities as well. My highlight during this rotation was when I was taught how to do “FAST”. This was my first time to hold an ultrasound scan probe and it was a rewarding skill. I remember one SHO’s by names of Dr. Ayşe who took us through this skill acquisition, she was such a kind doctor with a lot of knowledge and skills in radiology and sonography and I could visibly see that the head of department was proud of her and had a lot of confidence in her. Many thanks to Professor Adnan, doctor Ayşe and the entire team at this department.

Leisure and touring:

     As the saying goes that “work without play made Tom a dull boy” our programme designed in such a way that every weekend and sometimes evenings after work we had an outing. Besides our hostels had a gym, basketball cot, a football pitch and televisions. All our outings were arranged and sponsored by our hosting university and our beloved professors led by Professor Seyit Ankarali and Professor Handan Ankarali. This was a generous gesture that I will live to remember. Under this arrangement we visited almost all important historical and tourists sites in Istanbul that included Aya Sofya, Topkapi Palace,  Blue Mosque, Basilica Cistern, Hippodrome, Istanbul Archaeology Museum, Grand Bazaar, Suleymaniye Mosque, Spice Bazaar, Dolmabahce Palace, Galata Tower, Fatih Mosque, Istiklal Caddesi and Taksim, Uskudar and Turkish Airlines Aviation School to mention but a few.   Sometimes Professor Seyit, Professor Handan, Professor Ebuzer and others would spare their valuable time to accompany us on these tours. On two occasions professor Orhan hosted us at his country home for fists and what a generous gesture from him. Tours guides were always hired for us so that they could help us maximize the importance of these tours. While on these tours, I appreciated the hospitality of Turkish people more. I can’t forget a team of Istanbul Medeniyet university students who spared their valuable holiday period pick us from the airport and continuously gave us company on almost every occasion of these tours. May Allah reward them all both here on earth and after with Jannat Firdausi, Ameen.

Returning home:

     As the saying goes that “East and west home is the best”, as my recess programme was coming to an end, I started to prepare myself to return back to Uganda, my home country. The busy schedule of the two months of stay in Istanbul had started to take a toll on me. Traveling through the busy traffic by trains, buses, and ferries and foot from the European side to Asian side to and fro on a daily basis and busy schedule at the hospital had exhausted me and missing local organic foods at home had started to make me feel home sick. I could not wait to be back home. Otherwise my stay in Turkey was a life changing experience that I will live to remember. I am looking forward to returning back to this beautiful country with very hospitable and generous people. I don’t know how I will ever pay the debt I incurred from these generous and hospitable people except to keep praying for them and to try and reciprocate whatever they did to me to other human kind. May Allah bless Turkey, President Erdogan and all citizens of Turkey.

Dr. Salma Namyenya Katasi

     My name is Dr Salma Namyenya Katasi MBChB, writing about my experience in Istanbul Turkey during the elective semester 2018. This was a lifetime experience for me and some of my classmates whom together we visited this beautiful country.

     Under Istanbul Medeniyet University as host, I got chance to visit Goztepe Teaching and Research Hospital where I rotated in Medicine, Surgery, Pediatrics, cardiology, and Emergency medicine and I witnessed the state of the art medicine and surgery.

     The lecturers were very knowledgeable and experienced, the lectures given were very organized and resourceful.  I got chance to see laparoscopic surgeries, coronary bypass surgeries, orthopedic surgeries, radiological training in FAST, emergency triaging of patients, BLS and ATLS in emergency medicine. As form of assessment, I did written exams and OSCE in all the departments I rotated in and at the end was handed certificates of completion.

    I also loved the fact I got to practice my religion Islam without any problem.

    I also admired the Patriotism of the people of Turkey for example the celebration of 15th Temmuz. It was a very good experience and learnt a lot from that.

    The Tourism experience was so beautiful Mashallah. I saw grand historical sites like Hagia Sofia Museum, the Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace Museum, The Grand Bazaar, Eminonu, Uskudar, Kadikoy, The Bosporus Bridge, Dolmabahce Palace, Galata Tower, Taksim Square, Sultan Ahmet Square, Turkish Airlines Aviation School, Bursa and the Queen Islands and so many others, it was amazing.

     The Turkish tea and food were very tasty, and my favorite was simit, balik ekmek, lahmacun, ottoman cuisine, ayran, kuru fusulye, durum, baklava ;)))

     The hostels were very beautiful like five-star hotels in my country and the meals prepared were also very sweet.

     Turkey is very clean country and the transportation system was epic and very efficient.

     Special thanks to the rector, dean and all professors of Istanbul Medeniyet university, all staff of Goztepe hospital and the entire students who were very resourceful and very approachable.

    Special thanks to Professor Seyit and Handan Ankarali, Professor Orhan Alimoglu for granting me an experience of a lifetime. ALLUM A BARIK. I look forward to more training in this beautiful place inshAllah.

Dr. Anas Sahabi

       First and foremost I will like to thank Allah for giving me such an opportunity to visit a wonderful place like Goztepe Training and Research Hospital, and also I will like to thank the people of Goztepe Hospital for their kindness, love, care and support throughout my stay in the Hospital.

      I visited Goztepe Hospital in June 2018 and left in August 2018, even though my stay was not for long, but I got the opportunity to participate in many activities of the Hospital which include lectures and observing in many surgeries. It is of my great opportunity to observed surgeries like open-heart surgery where coronary artery bypass was done, and also I got the opportunity to observe hepatobiliary surgery where resection of hepatocellular carcinoma was done.

      Goztepe Hospital is really good in terms of  ideal medical practice, patient care and teaching even though the building is kind of old building, but good enough there is an ultramodern one which was built, and that makes it to be a good learning center. My only challenge was during my communication with people because not everyone understands English both the patients and the hospital staffs, but Alhamdulillah it was a good experience. And I pray that I can go back there for my residency program.

      I can’t go without mentioning my host university (Istanbul Medeniyet University) indeed it is a university which is full of good people both the staffs and the students I really enjoyed my stay over there, thank you so much.

         All in all Istanbul, or Turkey in general is a good place for students, tourist and business people, because the people of Turkey are so friendly, loving and knowledgeable, also good in social interaction and also good when it comes to religious aspect, though people are saying that the people of Turkey are racist, but I have not seen that racism in them.

Dr. Aminu Umar

      In the name of Allah the most gracious the most merciful all praises and thanks are due to Allah subhanahu wataalah and May the peace blessings and salutations bestowed upon our beloved prophets Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam.

      I will start by thanking almighty Allah for the gift of live and health. And also thanks goes to my family and friends and also to the Turkish government and to the Turkish people specifically the Istanbul Medeniyet university

And I went to Turkey for my electives experience a free semester given to the students to explore in the field of medicine and to appreciate how medicine is practiced elsewhere in the world so I chose Turkey as my favorite country where I sponsored my trip.

      I went with objectives which mainly academics but alhamdulillah I achieved objectives that were far better, objectives like tourism, socially, religious amongst others.

      The Turkish government and rectorship and the deanship of Istanbul Medenyet and people of Turkey in totality have made my stay in Turkey memorable because of the love and care the showed to me in that I feel no difference between my home the people are lovely and the organization in Turkey is superb.

      I have never seen or received any word of any kind of racism and I met and makes wonderful friends like Yusuf, Bilal, Sulayman, among others.

      I like the practice the methods of teaching in Turkey the way patient are being handled and the health system and health services delivery is wonderful and the health professionals and health sectors are up to date interns of modern medicine.

      I liked everything in Turkey like transportation systems, education system, health system are all organized and well delivered to the community and I also enjoyed different types of foods in Turkey which are very delicious.

      And I learnt a lot during my stay in Turkey academically, socially, morally and spiritually as well.

      With the experience I have gotten from there I have now successfully finished my studies with the degree in bachelors of medicine and bachelor of surgery am now in Nigeria in my home town Sokoto state working in a specialist hospital Sokoto.

     And hopefully in shaa Allah my plan is to come back to Turkey for further studies in short period of time to come.

      And my brother Yusuf Ihsan who has been a wonderful person and also a key to my fruitful stay in Turkey.

      And I also thanks all the professors from Istanbul Medeniyet University for the their help and care may Allah reward them with best which is JANNAH.